New! Add Museum Stops to Your Antiques Road Trip

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Our unique Trip Planner for Antiques already has a slew of great features, and now we’ve added another reason to use it – museums across the US and Canada. Simply enable the “Show … Museums” options on the map to view locations indicted by a green museum icon, and add them as stops to your next or future antiques road trip plan.Trip Planner for Antiques & Museums Boston Area

Click on the icon to view details about the museum, and add to your trip like any other antiques shop or dealer.  Now, you have a road trip plan with a mix of shops and museums – sounds like a great weekend to us!

Trip Planner for Antiques & Museums Add to Trip Link

Another new feature is “clustering,” where you can see visually the “hot spots” of any location, with many possible stops in one area. This heat mapping appears on zooming out, with yellow, purple and red increasingly meaning more possible stops in one area. Zoom in to see individual destination details.

Trip Planner Google Maps Clustering

For example, if you enable US museums the map becomes very colourful! as you are now browsing over 20,000 destinations – and this number to continues to grow.

Trip Planner for Museums & Antiques - North America Map

Give the Trip Planner for Antiques a try today. As for other World Class Antiques members, this tool may become invaluable to you. Before you head out though, do verify store and museum hours and addresses to avoid disappointment.

Is your shop, museum, or destination missing from the Trip Planner? Please send us an email with your details and we’ll be sure to add it promptly.



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