Where to Open Your Antique Shop – and What to Sell

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One of the many benefits of our relationship with Single Entry Point Marketing is their online sweepstakes platform and data collection and analysis capabilities. Aside from offering buyers and collectors of antiques fun and interactive contests with great prizes, we are able to learn a great deal about the audience which informs marketing and website efforts for both World Class Antiques and our dealers.

Chart Sweepstakes Entries Heat Map
Chart Sweepstakes Entries Heat Map

For example, this heat map from our Spring Sweepstakes shows the concentration of entrants across North America, useful for planning marketing campaigns, or if you’re debating about where to open an antique shop. Based on this information, we’d place our bets on the East Coast! Geographical data allows us to segment and offer targeted messaging to different people in different locations.

In addition to geographical data, we also collect information on the popularity of certain categories of antiques. If you had to take a guess, what do you think the most popular response was to the question, “What type of collectibles are you most interested to collect?” Coins! Followed by stained and blown glass, clocks, and sports memorabilia. We were surprised to find fine art so low on the list – were you?

Running sweepstakes and contests helps us acquire new customers and engage our existing audience, while keeping their data safe and private. We build our opt-in email database this way, and gain actionable insights into the performance of the promotions with in-depth, visual analytics like these.

If you are a business or antiques dealer looking to run sweepstakes and collect this type of data from your customers and target audience, give Single Entry Point Marketing a holler. Contest campaigns create high levels of awareness as they tend to be shared virally, and Single Entry Point’s unique blend of expertise, proprietary technology, and intelligent application of data delivers incredible results.
Chart Sweepstakes Entries Markers on Google Map
Chart Sweepstakes Entries Markers on Google Map


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