The Business of Antiques
Wayne Jordan

Wayne Jordan is a Virginia-licensed auctioneer, Certified Personal Property Appraiser and Accredited Business Broker. He has held the professional designations of Certified Estate Specialist; Accredited Auctioneer of Real Estate; Certified Auction Specialist, Residential Real Estate and Accredited Business Broker. He also has held state licenses in Real Estate and Insurance. Wayne is a regular columnist for World Class Antiques, Antique Trader Magazine, a WorthPoint Worthologist (appraiser) and the author of two books. For more info, visit Wayne Jordan Auctions or Resale Retailing with Wayne Jordan.

You can buy Wayne's books directly from Amazon:

Business of Antiques In a practical, easy-to-understand process, Jordan walks you through the essentials of creating and maintaining a flourishing antiques business in the fast-evolving world. Change is constant, and Jordan shows you how it can be less painful and more beneficial to your business. Learn how to better manage your inventory, set up an effective online marketing strategy, capture young customers, improve traffic flow and - most importantly - thrive while others flounder.
Antique Mall Profits Whether you already operate an Antique Mall booth or another type of antique business this book is designed with one purpose in mind: to help antique dealers make the connection between their inventory and their money. Inventory - buying it, pricing it, displaying it, and selling it - is at the core of a dealers "business puzzle". Dealers who fail to grasp inventory essentials will struggle and risk failure, and it won't be because they can't make a profit.
Relocate for Less Relocating to a new home can be an expensive proposition! For that reason, Relocate for Less! addresses how to keep your expenses down, rather than the usual "how to pack boxes and get organized" (although there is a bit of that, too). This book is big on content (over 100 pages) but small on price. The information included herein can save you hundreds - or thousands - of dollars!
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