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Manage Your Shop's Photo Gallery

Further showcase your antique shop with an easy-to-create photo gallery (note this option is available to Directory Premium members only). Use the photo gallery management tool as described below to upload and display up to 12 photographs highlighting your shop, location, staff, items, and more!

How to Enable Your Photo Gallery

  • Login into your Directory Account
  • Under the section "Directory Listings > Photo Gallery Management", click 'Upload/Manage Photographs'
  • You can also access the gallery management via the Directory Listings section, by clicking on 'Add Photographs to Store Listing'

How to Manage Your Shop's Photo Gallery

How to manage your antique shop photo gallery

  1. Use the "Select a Store Listing" dropdown to select the store for which you'd like to create a gallery
  2. Drag your photographs from your computer into the drag-and-drop area. The images will start to automatically upload, showing the upload progress for each photograph. Once the upload is completed, you should see a green button. Click ‘Done’ to close the progress bar.
  3. Mouse over the ‘Upload Limit’ question to read about photo requirements:
    • Maximum file size allowed for upload: 2MB
    • Maximum number of photographs allowed for upload: 12
    • File format accepted for upload: JPEG
  4. Once the photographs are uploaded, you should see them appearing in the grid below
  5. If you made a mistake, you can always delete an image using the Delete button on the left

How to Add Text to Your Photographs

  • Under the Title and Description columns, click in each record to add text - the cell will change into an edit box. Type in a title and description - this is saved once you click to a different cell in the grid.
  • Mouse over the ? icon near the Title and Description fields to learn more about adding text to your photographs
    • TITLE:
      • This field will be displayed in the public gallery, in the list of thumbnails, and shown when someone moves their mouse over a thumbnail
      • Click in the record's cell to edit the title
      • After editing, click anywhere else in the grid to save the changes
      • This field will be displayed in the public gallery, above the image and when an image is expanded. Use it to further describe the photo
      • This field allows 250 characters
      • Click in the record's cell to start editing the description
      • After editing, click anywhere else in the grid to save changes

I'm Done with Adding Photographs, Now What?

Once you are finished with all changes, navigate to your public directory store page [Example of the Premium Directory Shop Page]. Once you have created a gallery, a Gallery menu item will appear in your store page menu, as illustrated here:

Gallery menu enabled when you create a photo gallery for your antique shop

Click on the Gallery menu to go to the Gallery page.

On the gallery page, you'll see all the photographs uploaded in your previous steps, in thumbnail format. Mouse over each to read the title. Click on each image to expand in a gallery setting.

Gallery page showing all images uploaded in previous steps

You can now browse all your shop photographs in their original sizes. Use the left and right gallery controls to scroll through each image. You can also zoom in and out of the images using your mouse scroll.

Promoting an event for antiques and collectables? You can also include a gallery of photos to bring your show to life!

Thank you for your business! We hope you enjoy the Directory's latest Premium features - be assured that we'll continue providing your membership with ongoing value.

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