Start Selling Antiques

Start Selling Antiques

Sell With No Listing Fees, Keep Everything You Make

We are a dedicated marketplace for antiques and vintage collectibles. We offer listings in our marketplace, either with fixed price or classifieds, with no commission fees when listing or selling.

There are no setup fees either. You start by registering as a seller and once your account is approved, you are free to create product listings. Your monthly fee starts from the day your account is approved.

Fixed Cost

The $49 USD/month 'Flat Fee' means a fixed cost, per calendar month, incurred by the lister regardless of usage of the website. There is no increase in the monthly fee as long as you maintain up to 500 products.

It gets even better! The product allowance is for up to 500 products unsold. Which means you can sell more than 500 products per month within the same $49 USD/month flat fee.

Please contact us if you are planning to list a larger number of products.

Fixed Price or Classifieds

You have the flexibility to list your antiques either as fixed price or in a classifieds manner. Where fixed price does not allow for haggling over the cost of the item, listing in a classifieds type allows you to state a price but also leaves room for the buyer to negotiate. Together you finalize the transaction outside of the World Class Antiques platform.

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Free Marketplace Profile Page

All registered sellers have the option to request a free Marketplace profile page. This web page will be hosted at your own, personalized URL:

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Are You An Auction House?

If yes, we have a special offer for you - read more on The Auction Catalogue, Re-Invented.

In Search of Grand Collections

Calling all collectors with sizable collections! If you're seeking representation for your impressive assortment on World Class Antiques, we are here to make it happen. We offer tailored services in inventory management, product photography, online listings, and marketing. Don't hesitate to reach out!

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  • Sell with no listing fees, keep everything you make.
  • No setup fees.
  • No commitments.
  • A flat fee of $49 USD/month for up to 500 unsold products.
  • Use either fixed price or classifieds type of listing.
  • Free marketplace profile page for better visibility, with your own personalized URL: