Privacy Policy

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This policy explains how personal information you disclose while using ("Website") will be used by its operator, SOTINET INC. ("WCA").

Personal Information Not Required to Use

Browsing WCA's Website does not require disclosing any personal information. WCA only requires personal information from you in order to provide additional services to you.

WCA collects information associated with IP addresses and/or cookies from everyone that uses the Website. It is possible that this data could be used to infer your identity.

Information Collected

If you choose to create an account with WCA then you will be prompted to enter personal information that will include, at least, your first name, last name, phone number, address and email address. We may also require payment credentials in order to enable you to pay or receive money from other users.

How Your Information Will Be Used

Your personal information will be used to provide you with services and/or improve WCA’s service offerings. WCA may also use your personal information in order to provide information to you by email or mail related to the WCA Website (e.g. WCA marketing, sweepstakes, etc.).

No Sale of Your Personal Information to Third Parties

WCA will not sell your personal information to anyone except as part of an acquisition of all or substantially all of WCA’s business.

Disclosure to Those You Transact With

When you transact with other users on WCA’s Website some of your personal information will be transferred to those you transact with. When purchasing items from sellers the software system will transfer at least the following information: username, first name and last name, billing address and shipping address. When selling an item to a buyer the software system will transfer at least the following information: username, first name, last name and seller address. WCA may transfer other transaction-relevant information to those you do business with using the Website.

WCA cannot guarantee that third parties you transact with will respect your privacy or safeguard your personal information. You may wish to inquire about the privacy policies of the buyer or seller you are considering doing business with.

Listing Information Will Be Disclosed

If you list items for sale using the WCA Website then your personal information may be shared in order to publicize your listed items using the Website, social media, advertising campaigns (e.g. Google Adwords) or other websites.

Disclosure for Legal Reasons

WCA may disclose your personal information to third parties in relation to legal claims by or against WCA (or potential claims), as part of an investigation into potentially illegal activities or if there is a suspected breach of the legal terms that apply to the Website (i.e. terms of use agreement).

Disclosure Through Advertising

WCA may use advertising platforms (such as Google Adsense) that send page content to ad matching servers and as a consequence, disclose your personal information to third parties.

Requests to Delete

You may request that WCA delete your personal information by sending an email to . WCA will make commercially reasonable efforts to delete your information from its files/databases (so long as any of the scenarios for disclosure provided in "Disclosure for Legal Reasons" do not apply). WCA cannot guarantee that it will be possible to delete all of your personal information.

More Information

You may request more information about WCA’s use of your personal information by emailing .