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Advertise With World Class Antiques

Calling all antiques dealers and collectors who dare to stand out! World Class Antiques is a specialized global marketplace based in Toronto, Canada. Complementing our marketplace, we present a directory of esteemed antiques dealers, an extensive roster of shows and events, and a curated monthly collector's editorial.

Our reach extends to tens of thousands of antique dealers and collectors every year, engaging them via this website or our vibrant social profiles.

Why choose us?

  • Niche Network: Tap into a community of antique aficionados who truly understand the value of your offerings.
  • Unveil Elegance: Allow your brand to steal the spotlight and share its own timeless stories.
  • Promote Like Never Before: WorldClassAntiques.com/By/Your-Company-Name - A personalized profile web address.

We offer three ways of reaching our visitors:

  1. Banner Advertising Across WorldClassAntiques.com - perfect for all professionals in the antiques and related industries.
  2. Personalized Profile Web Address - suited for antiques industry professionals, it allows for marketplace listings and profile links back to your website.
  3. The Auction Catalogue, Re-Invented! - it offers a transformative opportunity for auction houses to set themselves apart in the auctions trade.

Feel free to delve into the specifics below for more in-depth information:

1. Banner Advertising Across WorldClassAntiques.com

Below we are highlighting a few of the areas on the World Class Antiques where ads can be displayed:

  • Marketplace.
  • Directory.
  • Editorial.
  • Shows & Events.

Interested in connecting with our audience? Contact us for more information on banner advertising on World Class Antiques.

2. WorldClassAntiques / BY / Your-Company-Name

All registered sellers have the option to request a free Marketplace profile page. This web page will be hosted at your own, personalized web address: WorldClassAntiques.com/By/Your-Company-Name

See an example of a personalized profile web address.

  • The web address incorporates your company name.
  • The web address is a clever word play: it infuses a spark of charm into your brand.
  • The web address is memorable: it resonates in the minds of potential customers.
  • In contrast to other marketplaces, we enable you to link back to your company website, offering an incredible opportunity to amplify your online reach.

Learn more about the benefits of a seller membership in the World Class Antiques marketplace.

3. For Auction Houses - The Auction Catalogue, Re-Invented!   

An opportunity for transformation, setting you apart in the auctions industry.

Here are the benefits that are included:

  • A personalized web address with a memorable wordplay - both visually and phonetically: WorldClassAntiques.com/By/Your-Company-Name.
  • A personalized web page for your company - see an example.
  • An interactive microsite generated from your PDF auction catalogue - ask us for a free demo!
  • Access to a marketplace account with the ability to list up to 500 items. There are no listing fees or sales commissions, and there are no time commitments.

Contact us for more information. We can provide you with a complimentary demo, completely free of charge and without any obligations.