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Antiques Appraisals - How do I manage received appraisal requests?

Mouse over the red spots to display details about the highlighted area.

Use the tabs to filter your requests based on progress status.
Search within your list of received requests - requests are filtered instantly as you type.
Your list of received requests - click on each one to reveal all the details below the list.
The form to respond to your client. Once an estimate is submitted, the record cannot be changed.
Documents attached to the request - this area lists all the documents uploaded initially at the time of the request, and during the progress of the appraisal.
Add New File - use this area to upload new documents that would facilitate better communication with the customer. For example, you could upload the appraisal document that "certifies" the value of the appraised item.
Message Log - this area keeps a history of the entire communication between you and your customer. Please note that communications outside of our system are not recorded.
Message Log - use this button to send messages to your customer.
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