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Newsletter Archive - November 2023

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W. G. MacFarlane, "Canada's Greatest Post Card House"

The editorial explores the profound impact of W. G. MacFarlane, a prominent figure in Canada's postcard industry during the golden age (1900–1914). Born in 1870, MacFarlane established himself as one of the country's most prolific postcard publishers, with a focus on diverse view cards spanning coast to coast. His influence extended to special series, notably Canadian patriotic and heraldic cards, where his embossed creations of colorful crests and flags garnered significant collector interest. Be the first to read this month's full editorial.

Read the full editorial

Art Spotlight: Béla Kádár

Born on July 14, 1877, in Budapest, Hungary, Béla Kádár was closely associated with the post-impressionist and expressionist movements. His artistic creations often bore the influence of both traditional Hungarian art and contemporary European trends. Characterized by vigorous brushstrokes, bold colors, and a profound emotional intensity, Kádár's paintings conveyed a deep connection to the human experience. His artistic acclaim extended beyond Hungary and Canada to international recognition.

For collectors, considering the investment potential of Béla Kádár's works is noteworthy. Art pieces by artists with historical significance and a distinctive artistic style have the potential to appreciate in value over time. Béla Kádár's paintings, known for their emotional depth, are observed to have an average value ranging from $10,000 to $60,000 and more, as evidenced by auction house results. Currently, our marketplace features one of Kádár's paintings titled "Five Hooded Ladies in the Village."

View the Five Hooded Ladies in the Village

World Class Antiques Promotions

We're currently having a special offer on our Etsy store! The Quartz Crystal + LED Base is now 20% off – a fantastic blend of calm and sparkle. Tap here to see the deal, featuring high-quality photos of the crystal and base, plus a video showcasing the beautiful colors reflecting in the crystal.

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Channelling Antiques: YouTube Edition

This is an expertly curated section where we uncover noteworthy YouTube channels, shows, or videos that grabbed our attention for their valuable and up-to-date insights into the world of antiques and the trade.

In the spotlight this month: Dickinson's Real Deal!

Dickinson's Real Deal, a popular show on ITV, is all about antiques and collectibles. Hosted by the charismatic David Dickinson, the show brings together people with their treasures to UK venues. Here, independent experts estimate the value of these items, adding an exciting element to the process.

Once the valuation is set, the action moves to the dealers. They make cash offers, and this is where the real deal-making begins. David, always on the side of the seller, steps in to provide advice, reveal the experts' estimations, and push for better offers. The bargaining often leads to adjustments in the dealers' offers.

The crucial moment arrives when the owner decides whether to accept or decline the dealer's offer. If they say no, the items head to auction, where David takes a front-row seat alongside the seller, overseeing the proceedings in the sale room. It's a mix of suspense, negotiation, and the thrill of discovering the real value of these hidden gems.

Catch complete episodes of Dickinson's Real Deal on YouTube.

Watch on YouTube

Antiques Insight - November Edition
Learn 5 Reasons Why Recent Auctions Are Your Best Guide!

  1. Real-Time Market Value: Recent sales reflect the most current market conditions, providing a real-time snapshot of what buyers are willing to pay for similar items. This immediacy ensures that the pricing information is relevant and reflective of the current demand.

  2. Market Trends: Antiques, like any other market, experience trends that influence their value. Recent sales data allows collectors and dealers to identify these trends, helping them understand which items are currently in demand and commanding higher prices.

  3. Comparable Items: Auctions and marketplaces showcase a variety of items, often similar or comparable to the one being valued. This allows for a more accurate comparison, as the recent sale of a similar item provides a benchmark for establishing the value of the subject antique.

  4. Transparency: Auction results are typically public and transparent, making them a reliable source for tracking actual sales prices. This transparency builds trust in the valuation process, as stakeholders can verify recent sales data to ensure accuracy.

  5. Diverse Buyer Pool: Auctions and online marketplaces attract a diverse group of buyers, including collectors, dealers, and enthusiasts. The variety of perspectives and interests in these settings contributes to a fair representation of an item's market value.

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