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Plan your route. Save your trip. Hit the road! Our unique trip planner makes managing your next antiquing outing a breeze. As Canada's first trip planner for antiques, this is your one-stop-shop for antique destinations in your desired area, from dealers to shops to flea markets. Simply select your desired stops, create a custom road trip, print it out and be on your way. Happy antiquing!

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How-to Videos: Register a Collector Account | Create your First Trip | Optimize your Trip | View & Print Directions

Get Started - Watch Video

  1. Login to your [Collector] account or register for a Collector account.
  2. Please note that you have to Register as a Collector:
    Antiques Trip Planner - Register as Collector
  3. Visit the account overview page
  4. Select >> Plan Your Next Trip for Antiques

The Trip Planner

The trip planner showcases all World Class Antiques listings, indicated by the red pins. You can explore dealers and markets using the map tool to zoom in and out, select the ones you’d like to visit, save routes for future, and print driving directions.

Trip planner showing all antique store listings, indicated by red pins.

Create Your First Trip - Watch Video

  1. Click on the map and move left, right, up and down, and use the zoom tool to find the area you wish to travel.
  2. Each red pin represents an antiques dealer or market.
  3. Click on a red pin to view the description.
  4. If you wish to visit, select Add to Trip and it will appear in the column on the right side.
    Click 'Add to Trip' to record this antique store as a location | Antiques Trip Planner
  5. Continue adding businesses in the area until you have the list you’d like to visit.
    Your preferred list of antique stores, as added to your trip | Antiques Trip Planner
  6. As you do so, the list of stores will continue to grow on the right. You can delete a location by dragging into the grey box below.
  7. When you are done, scroll down and click "Save as New Trip" to save this route to your planner.
  8. Choose a Trip Name that is memorable for you, and enter a description if you like for future (for example, Trip Name is Saturday, description is "Stores to Visit with Nancy").

Trip Options - Watch Video

  1. Click on the checkbox under the map entitled Optimize my Trip to give you the best route. This automatically adjusts your route in the map above.
    Optimize your trip route via these trip options | Antiques Trip Planner
  2. You can also use the checkboxes to avoid highways, tolls, and ferries. Checking these boxes will automatically adjust your route in the map above.
  3. Add Trip Notes and reminders to yourself (before or after your trip!) in the box below the map for future reference.

View Route and Print - Watch Video

  1. To view and print the directions, addresses and map, click on View Route and Directions.
    Print your route and view detailed directions to each antique store | Antiques Trip Planner
  2. This will open a new window with the map and route.
  3. You can enter a starting point by typing in an address and selecting Add Home to my Trip.
    Add your home address (or any other address) as the starting point for the trip | Antiques Trip Planner
  4. Select Print This Trip in the top right to print the pages and off you go.

Go Back for More

  1. Back at the trip planner, you can use the drop-down to the right of the map to load a saved trip. To delete the locations, simply select Clear Trip at the bottom and start again.
    Use the dropdown on the top right to load a Saved trip | Antiques Trip Planner
  2. You can also delete an entire trip using that option in lower right (Delete This Trip), or create a new trip from this area (Start New Trip).

How-to Videos - Playlist

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