Auction Highlights - Rainbows, Stars, and All The Glitters

Rainbows, Stars, and All The Glitters

If you love classic movies, then you’ll love Treasures from the Dream Factory, hosted by Bonhams, NYC that took place on November 23rd. Collectors gather every year for this entertainment auction and expectations are always high.

The highlight of this star-studded memorabilia show was a Judy Garland dress – the famous blue-and-white checkered dress from the Wizard of Oz. It sold for almost $2.1M.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Among the other star-studded items was Herbie the Love Bug – a VW Beetle, circa 1966 from the movie. It fetched about $115,000 under the hammer. If you’re a film history buff or a student of this medium, then you’ll appreciate how significant this next item is – the original sled Rosebud from Citizen Kane. It sold for almost $200,000. Also under the hammer was memorabilia from Marilyn Monroe (Gentlemen Prefer Blondes), Steve McQueen (Le Mans), and the Natalie Wood estate.

Shaken Not Stirred

Still on the movie set, but this time across the pond to Pinewood Studios – James Bond memorabilia made an appearance on November 25th at Vectis Auctions in Stockton-on-Tees, UK. Auction items included a bunch of fun stuff from all of the classic James Bond flicks like Dr. No, From Russia with Love, The Man with the Golden Gun, and even On Her Majesty’s Service starring George Lazenby. Featured items included a cardboard cutout of Timothy Dalton, a ceramic figure of Sean Connery, and the famous golden gun signed by Christopher Lee.

Wish Upon A Ringo Starr

If you have an extra $60,000 to spend on a Beatles album, then you’ll want to tune into the Ringo Starr and Barbara Bach Estate auction at Julien’s in Beverly Hills on December 3rd. It is rumoured that each member of The Beatles owns a copy of the first four editions the White Album off the production line, but it’s No. 0000001 (said to have once belonged to John Lennon) that has collectors twitching. Until now, this precious copy has been securely tucked away in a London bank vault.

This auction also features a number of items once owned by the famous couple, including a Damien Hearst, Roy Lichtenstein, and Keith Haring, as well as some beautiful fine jewellery, and Ringo Starr memorabilia.

The Exquisite $60M Library

Known for collecting rare and exquisite objects, Pierre Bergé and his late partner, the famous fashion designer, Yves Saint Laurent, amassed quite an enviable collection during their life together. Now 84, Bergé is ready to part with the last of his treasures, an extraordinarily rare collection of books and manuscripts featuring works from Cervantes, Joyce, Bronte, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, and many more. This rare library boasts such antiquities as Dante’s Divine Comedy from 1487, and the works of Shakespeare with a printing date of 1664.

One of Bergé’s most treasured manuscripts is The Sentimental Education by Flaubert, valued at $840,000. His copy of Madame Bovary features a handwritten note to Victor Hugo from the author himself, and the first edition of Treasure Island was a gift from Robert Louis Stevenson to his friend responsible for Long John Silver.

This magnificent collection hit the auction block on December 11, 2015, at Sothebys, Paris.

Lucky Finds

Something magical about the number 1,700 years ago, as it turns out. First a sacred and ancient text, and then coins from the Roman Empire.

Holy Relics

place to start looking. That’s what happened for one religious scholar by the name of Geoffrey Smith. He specializes in Christianity at the University of Texas and is often on the lookout for rare finds online. Earlier this year, he happened upon a scraggy looking scrap of paper going for $99 that he believed to be significant.

After contacting the owner, Smith has analyzed the fragment of paper and discovered it is a 1,700-year-old fragment of papyrus from the original Greek manuscript of the Book of John I, 50-51. It was just one of many ancient texts from the private collection of Harold R. Willoughby, also a scholar of Christianity, and a relative of the current owner. Smith has advised the owner to donate this ancient relic to a research library, despite the many astronomical offers he has received for it.

Pots of Gold

Meanwhile in the north of Switzerland, a farmer unearths a stash of coins (4,166 in total) from the Roman Empire. The most notable are those dated 270 AD with the head of the 44th Emperor of the Roman Empire, Aurelian, and those dated 294 AD with the head of the 52nd Emperor of the Roman Empire, Maximian. You can see this 1,700-year-old coin collection at the Vindonissa de Brugg Museum in Aargau.

The Mysterious Allure of Bat Girl

And finally…some treasures lie hidden underground, others are packed away and forgotten, while some unwittingly find themselves in the quaint surroundings of your local Salvation Army. With a price tag of $1, this next lucky find is an Art Deco beauty that goes by the name of Bat Girl by Vienna artist Josef Lorenzl for Goldscheider

Discovered by collector, Bobby Garnett, one morning in 1978 on a chance visit to a nearby Salvation Army, its current value is unknown, but some of the Goldscheider figurines have sold for $9,000. For Bobby, his Bat Girl is priceless and will stay in the family long after he’s gone.

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