Online Appraisals

Online Appraisals for Antiques & Collectibles

What’s it worth? That’s the question on every collectors mind. With World Class Antiques, you can answer that question and expand your customer base with our no-cost Online Appraisal system.

Collectors submit their request details along with any images or other documentation, and all communications are stored for future reference. Dealers and professionals can offer appraisals for everything from coins to antique lamps, and manage it all through one account.

The appraisal system is effective and easy to use, and all requests are all managed in one convenient dashboard.

Screenshot of the Online Appraisals management page

With a PREMIUM dealer membership, you can offer appraisals at no cost through your Directory listing.

Interested? Browse these topics to learn more about managing appraisals!

Please note that the appraisal functionality is offered only to PREMIUM Dealer accounts that interact with customers through our system. While we provide you with all the functionality necessary to receive and manage requests, please note that you must arrange payment with your client directly and outside of the World Class Antiques system. However, as long as you are communicating through our system, we'll ensure that a history of all such interactions are recorded and maintained in your personal history. All of your received and submitted data is private and accessible only by yourself, your client, and the World Class Antiques technical team. Please review our terms and conditions and our privacy policy accordingly.

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