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3 New Associations Added to Our Global Directory

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The Toronto Postcard Club

Postcards provide a snapshot of the past, offering a glimpse into historical events, landscapes, architecture, and societal norms. And vintage or antique postcard collectors are always fascinated by the opportunity to connect with different eras and witness how places and cultures have evolved over time.

These are the varieties of postcards we enjoy collecting at World Class Antiques:

  • Postcards that depict specific locations, whether it’s a city, a landmark, or a scenic view. This can be particularly appealing for those with a connection to a particular place or those who enjoy exploring different regions through the lens of vintage imagery.
  • Since postcards were a popular means of communication in the past, collectors may be intrigued by the messages and sentiments people shared.
  • Postcards often reflect the cultural and social trends of their time. They may showcase fashion, transportation, leisure activities, and more, providing insights into the lifestyle and values of the period in which they were created.
  • Many vintage postcards feature unique and intricate artwork, capturing the aesthetic sensibilities of the time. Collectors with an appreciation for graphic design, illustration, and printing techniques may be drawn to postcards as a form of visual art.

Our passion for postcards is evident, and we’ve extensively covered this realm of collectibles. Explore a collection of articles on the subject for free in The Antique Collector Editorial:

There are additional articles available; while you are in the Editorial home page, simply navigate to the ‘Postcard Highlights’ section to find them.

Paperweight Collectors Association Canada

Like many collectors, we are attracted to vintage glass paperweights for a variety of reasons. Artistic beauty would probably be our main reason. Paperweights often showcase exquisite craftsmanship and intricate designs. Collectors appreciate the aesthetic appeal of these miniature works of art, which can feature vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and detailed motifs.

Other collectors would look for glass paperweights that have historical significance, representing specific periods, styles, or artistic movements. Such collectors may be intrigued by the opportunity to own a piece of history and appreciate the craftsmanship of bygone eras.

We should also mention the large diversity. Glass paperweights come in a wide range of styles, reflecting various artistic movements and design trends. One can always curate a collection that spans different periods and design philosophies.

Blue Mountain Pottery Collectors Club

From the website of the association: “The Blue Mountain Pottery Collectors Club (BMPCC) is a 100% volunteer run not-for-profit organization established in 2003 with the objective to encourage and assist members in collecting Blue Mountain Pottery (BMP). The club acts as a resource for learning about BMP, its history and its connections to other potteries. The BMPCC actively encourages and promotes friendships amongst fellow collectors as well as anyone interested in pottery. Our current members hail from Australia, Canada, England, Scotland, New Zealand and the United States of America.”

Blue Mountain Pottery (BMP) was a Canadian pottery company known for producing distinctive, high-quality ceramic products. Established in the early 1950s in Collingwood, Ontario, Blue Mountain Pottery was founded by a trio of Czechoslovakian immigrants: Jozo Weider, a ski instructor; Denis Tupy, a ceramic mold maker; and Mirek Hambalek, a ceramic decorator.

Blue Mountain Pottery items have become sought after by collectors, especially those interested in mid-century Canadian ceramics. The distinctive glaze and the variety of items produced contribute to their collectible appeal.

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