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From Entries to Insights: Exploring the Results of Our Sweepstakes

Spring Sweepstakes

Over the month of April, participants from Canada and USA entered our spring sweepstakes, hoping to snag exciting prizes and be part of something special. At stake where a chance to win one of 3 vintage Lehmann wind-up tin birds! They are a great collectible piece and are new old stock (NOS). Made in Western Germany during 1970s. You can see them in action on our YouTube channel.

Lehmann is a well-known old toy company. It was founded in 1881 by Ernst Paul Lehmann in Brandenburg, Germany. The company gained fame for its high-quality tinplate toys, particularly its wind-up mechanical toys and model trains.

It’s been a week since the sweepstakes concluded, and now we’re ready to explore the data behind the entries. We’ll be delving into the details, uncovering key insights regarding our initial question, and mapping out participant demographics.

To begin, let’s explore the question we asked our sweepstakes participants: What factors influence your decision to purchase an antique: (1) historical significance, (2) aesthetic appeal, or (3) investment potential? Why?

At World Class Antiques, we continuously seek to gain a deeper and more thorough understanding of the perspectives of antique collectors and dealers alike. By doing so, we can refine our marketplace offerings and provide even better service to our valued customers. Now, let’s examine the reports derived from the responses of our sweepstakes participants:

Throughout the month of April, spanning its 30 days, we documented a total of 4085 entries. Participants were permitted to enter multiple times over the duration of the sweepstakes but were restricted to one entry per day according to the rules. The sweepstakes were opened to Canada and USA only.

Frequency and Theme Prominence of all Answers Received

Displayed below are the themes derived from analyzing the responses. To note that each answer provided by the participant was in an unstructured free form. Although it does pose challenges for analysis, this approach yields richer insights as it allows for the discovery of additional reasons. These reasons (themes) are highlighted based on their frequency and prominence within the dataset.

Frequency and Theme Prominence of all Answers Received
Aesthetic Preference33%
Historical Significance32%
Investment Potential24%
Personal Connection/Sentimentality2%
Sweepstakes Entries by Country (where Sweepstakes were Opened)

Below is a breakdown of the sweepstakes entries by country. We observed more entries from the USA than from Canada.

Sweepstakes Entries by Country
Sweepstakes Entries by Canadian Province

Another breakdown of sweepstakes entries below, this time by Canadian province.

Sweepstakes Entries by Canadian Province
Sweepstakes Entries by US State

Lastly, a breakdown of sweepstakes entries, this time organized by US State.

Sweepstakes Entries by US State
NEW YORK10.10%

We trust that these insights will provide you with a clear understanding of the advantages a sweepstakes can bring to your brand.

Considering running your own sweepstakes? Or perhaps interested in sponsoring one of ours? Reach out to us, and we’ll work together to amplify your brand reach.

At its simplest level of reporting, we can examine and provide insights based on gathered data, including metrics like counts, geographic distribution, frequency, and prominence of themes. On a more sophisticated level, we have the capability to develop tailor-made AI models for tasks such as sentiment analysis or other algorithms, enabling us to address any inquiries you may have.

No matter what your marketing goals may be, we have the expertise to design a customized sweepstakes that aligns with your objectives and delivers the results you seek. By opting for a custom implementation of the sweepstakes, you not only safeguard your data but also gain the flexibility to tailor the system to your specific needs.

From initial planning and design, through to execution, promotion, and comprehensive reporting, our team ensures seamless management of every aspect, ensuring all your needs are met seamlessly.

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