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The Remarkable Journey of Maud Lewis’ ‘Lobsterman’ Painting

Maud Lewis' 'Lobsterman' Painting

In the art world, one person’s treasure can often emerge from unexpected origins. The heartwarming tale of Maud Lewis’ beloved painting, ‘The Lobsterman,’ perfectly exemplifies this phenomenon. Originally bartered for a modest sapphire tie tack in the 1970s, this delightful piece of Canadian folk art recently reappeared in the spotlight, selling for a remarkable sum of over $50,000 at auction.

The painting’s charm lies not only in its artistic beauty but in the unique friendship between artist John Kinnear and Maud Lewis. Their bond led to numerous art exchanges, with ‘The Lobsterman’ becoming a sentimental favorite. Its rarity, characterized by a larger-than-life figure, further distinguishes it within Lewis’ body of work. This heartwarming story proves that true treasures can emerge from the most unexpected beginnings in the world of art.

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