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How To Get My Marketplace Profile Page?

To start the process for the free marketplace profile page, contact us with the following information:

  • An About Us paragraph (or 2). Please specify how quickly you'll return phone calls/emails. Please see below the highlighted seller for an example
  • 2 photographs that showcase your brick and mortar store (if any) - we'll ensure they are resized and optimized for web usage
  • We'll also use a selection of active products from your marketplace listings. You just need to indicate which products would you like us to showcase and we'll do the rest. Should you have any other ideas for presenting your antique business in the World Class Marketplace, please let us know. For example, YouTube videos that allow embedding in other websites are also suitable
  • Contact information for your personalized contact page. This can include:
    • Your name
    • Your email address
    • Your phone number
    • Your brick and mortar address (if any)
    • Your company address. If you'd prefer not to provide one, please advise. We recommend displaying at a minimum an email address and a phone number for your contact information
    • Your company URL

Please note that we'll require your approval for the final page(s) prior to making your profile page live.

Please also note that you are allowed to link to your company website from the profile page. Your listings and presence in the World Class Antiques marketplace are not exclusive.

You can see one of our registered brands for an example: Mondo Antiques - Vintage Revisited
Mondo Antiques - Vintage Revisited
Have Questions?

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