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How To Add Taxes To Your Marketplace Listings

Important note: When using the World Class Antiques system, you are responsible for complying with all applicable tax laws in your area. Please contact a tax professional to determine whether you need to charge sales tax on your antiques sales or if you have questions about taxes. We cannot provide tax advice, and cannot guarantee that our sales tax tool will meet all tax requirements.

Use the World Class Antiques tax administration tool to specify a sales tax rate for each location in which you're required to charge tax. You can also choose to charge sales tax on shipping and handling if that is required by law.

Here's how to use the tax administration tool:

  1. Login to your marketplace account
  2. Under Summary, within the left navigation, scroll down to Listing Preferences > Taxes. Click on the Taxes link.
  3. Under "Add New Sales Tax Rate," select your country, and province, if applicable. Then add a percentage rate and indicate how taxes apply to your shipping rates.
  4. Click Save to apply your changes.

If you are in Canada, visit the Canada Revenue Agency to learn more about charging taxes on online sales (link opens in a new window).

As a guideline, here are the tax rates that we, an antiques dealer in Ontario, Canada, apply to our listings. Note that taxes apply to shipping costs as well!

We are located in... When shipping to... Adding the tax rate of...
Ontario Ontario 13%
Quebec 5%
Nova Scotia 15%
New Brunswick 13%
Newfoundland and Labrador 13%
Manitoba 5%
British Columbia 5%
Prince Edward Island 14%
Saskatchewan 5%
Alberta 5%
Northwest Territories 5%
Yukon 5%
Nunavut 5%
USA & Other Countries No taxes are added to sales to USA & other countries
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