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Creating an invoice after a sale

Once you have made a sale, it is time to create an invoice and get paid. Before going into the details of creating an invoice inside the World Class Antiques system, please note that you can also choose to create an invoice outside of World Class Antiques - read more on this alternative.

Please note:

  • Invoices are not created automatically by the World Class Antiques system once an item has been sold. You create an invoice after an item has been sold, and based on the adjustments that are needed for your specific scenario - e.g. adding shipping and handling to the overall cost.
  • You cannot create an invoice if you haven't sold any items from your marketplace listings.

Let's start creating an invoice:

  • You create an invoice for a sold item through My Account > Sales Report (link found under the Listings section in the left menu). The Sales Report page lists all the sales that you have made. There are plenty of filtering criteria on this page to help you manage a large number of orders.
  • Identify the item for which you would like to create an invoice and click the Create Invoice button.
  • An invoice will be created for the selected item. From here you can make cost adjustments, email the invoice, mark it paid, and print it.

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Using PayPal for your marketplace listings

PayPal Standard Payments is currently the only payment service available to the World Class Antiques marketplace. We recommend PayPal because it's easy and secure.

Here's what you need to do to enable PayPal in your World Class Antiques account:

Register for a free account or sign in to get started.

  • Once logged-in into your account, go to: My Account > My Account Home
  • Scroll down until you see on the left menu the section called Listing Preferences
  • Click on Payment
  • On this page you'll have a few fields to consider:
    • Allow Instant Checkout

      If Enabled: Buyers will be able to checkout immediately after purchase. Please note that with this option you'll not have the ability to adjust your invoice!
      If Disabled: You will be able to make adjustments to all invoices (e.g. updating shipping and taxes) before the buyer can complete checkout.

    • Accept Paypal - this field is required for World Class Antiques to process through your PayPal account. Please read below also about the ability to receive payments outside of World Class Antiques Marketplace
    • PayPal Email - this field is required for World Class Antiques to process through your PayPal account
    • Payment Instructions - this field is useful if you would like to provide instructions to your customer. This information will be displayed to all users when viewing the details of your listings.


    • Default Invoice Comment - this field is useful if you would like to provide more information on your new sales invoices.

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Getting paid outside of the World Class Antiques Marketplace

Please note that there is no obligation to process payments through World Class Antiques. You could create invoices outside of our marketplace and through PayPal for example, or any other invoice and payment processor.

For example, you could create an invoice via Quickbooks (if you use them as your accounting software), and have them processing payments for your invoices directly into your banking account. Or, any other preferred invoicing and payment platform (Veem comes to mind).

Please ensure though that invoices created through World Class Antiques and paid outside of our marketplace are marked AS PAID manually.

If your invoices are made through other systems, there is no need to use the Invoices facility in World Class Antiques. You can use the World Class Antiques as a selling marketplace only.

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