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Bidding and Buying

How to Find Antiques for Sale

How to find antiques
  • Browse listed antiques listed by clicking on categories in the left-side menu. You can filter results further by sub-category and listing type


  • Search for specific antiques by typing keywords in the search box at top (above the main menu).
  • In the listing results, use the drop-down filters above and to the right to order your results by the type of listing, time and/or price.

How to Bid on an Auction or Fixed Price Listing

  • Use the top right dropdown to filter the marketplace listings by type - select Auction or Fixed Price
  • Click the ‘Bid Now’ button
  • On the item page, enter your bid. You can also buy the item immediately, for Auctions with a Buy Now option. Make sure you carefully read the seller’s product description and his or her terms and conditions around shipping, returns, and so forth. Since this is a marketplace, we are not responsible for the accuracy of seller listings! (Terms & Conditions)
How to Bid on an Auction or Fixed Price Listing

How to Contact a Seller About a Classified ad

  • From the All dropdown, filter by the Classified listing type
  • Click the View button for your preferred listing
  • Use the textbox provided to compose your message to the seller
  • Click Send. You'll have the opportunity to confirm your message in the following screen
  • Monitor for replies via your marketplace account via Messaging > Inbox
How to contact a seller for a Classified ad

How to Access Your Marketplace Messages:

  • Visit your Marketplace Account
  • On the Summary page, click on the Inbox icon along the top that shows a counter of new messages (if there is no message, the counter will show 0)
  • You can also use the left navigation: mouse over to Messaging and click the Inbox link
  • Review your list of messages and click on the Subject line to read each one
  • From this page, you can also Reply to or Delete selected messages
My marketplace account messages
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