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Improve Your Online Sales with Photos and Video

Browsing and buying antiques and collectibles online, while convenient, removes a portion of the visual, and the entire tactile, experience from the buyer. Because they cannot see or feel the item, successful online seller listings feature complete and detailed descriptions along with quality photographs and even video to tell - and sell - the story.

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When it comes to antiques, better photos sell more products, period. A good listing should include multiple, high quality pictures of the item. Because the collector cannot hold an item, the photographs should present the item in the best possible light. World Class Antiques allows you to add up to 6 photographs to your marketplace listings at no additional cost.

A few tips: your pictures should be in focus and should show your item from several different angles, including the bottom even if there is no mark.Get close-ups of the canvas with paintings, and use extreme close-ups to capture intricate detail patterns. Photograph items in a set individually, and together, and note that any damage of the item should be recorded.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, video could be worth even more! Video is engaging for buyers of all ages, and many people prefer watching to reading. World Class Antiques allows you to add product videos to your marketplace listings at no additional cost.

Tips: a basic video will show the item and perhaps collection grouped together, but don’t be afraid to include interviews, and highlight the unique aspects of your business as well, such as location, storefront, collections, and staff. Be sure to edit the piece for length and quality, and optimize the file for the best viewing experience.

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