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How To Add Shipping Costs To Your Marketplace Listings

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When you create a listing on the World Class Antiques marketplace, you have the ability to select either a Classified-type of listing or a Fixed Price-type of listing. For both types, you have the ability to specify shipping options.

Please note that shipping costs are not calculated automatically. It is your responsibility to price out the shipping costs depending on the dimensions and the weight of your item, and of course, the destination of your customer and type of shipping service you choose.

Unless you know already your shipping costs for your items across USA and any other destinations, we recommend you do not specify a shipping cost in your product listing until you make a sale. At that time you can use the Adjustments facility in Invoices to add the precise costs for shipping and handling. Please click here for more information of invoicing.

Adding shipping costs in your invoice, via adjustments

This is the recommended approach - to add shipping costs after a sale is made and once you know who your customer is.

Based on your customer's address and the dimensions of your package, you are now having all the information necessary to request a shipping quote from your preferred shipping service.

Once you have the shipping cost, you can now use the Adjustment section in your invoice to add the necessary cost to the final invoice. Please check our help notes on invoicing to better understand your options.

This also provides you with the opportunity to add costs related to your handling for example.

Once your invoice is paid in full, you can then proceed with the shipment of your listing.

One last recommendation: In your every listing, specify shipping and terms and conditions. Ask your customers to wait for the final invoice, if using invoice adjustments is your preferred method. For example: PLEASE WAIT FOR INVOICE BEFORE MAKING YOUR PAYMENT SO WE CAN CALCULATE AND INCLUDE TAXES AND SHIPPING COSTS.

Adding shipping costs directly in your listing

In case you'd prefer to specify a shipping cost directly in your listing, you can follow these steps:

Access the My Account > Create Listing > Shipping section. We currently list the following shipping options:

  • Pickup
  • Canada Post
  • USPS
  • Fedex
  • UPS
  • DHL

Step 1. Select a Shipping option
Step 2. Enter the COST of shipment
Step 3. Enter ADDITIONAL COST, the amount to charge for shipping this item if combined with other purchases

Enter 0 under Cost to indicate free shipping.
Enter 0 under Additional Cost to indicate free shipping of this item when combined with other purchases.
When a buyer purchases multiple items, the listing with the highest initial shipping COST is used as the base shipping cost with the ADDITIONAL COST added according to each combined item.

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