World Class Antiques Magazine - Vol. 1, No. 2, October 2015
What’s it Worth?

What’s it Worth?

"How do I determine the value of this stamp?" "Can anyone tell me what this cast iron pan might be valued at?" These are just a sample of recent posts to the World Class Antiques Facebook page – we get so many, we launched an online appraisal service for our dealer network!

To determine the value of an antique, we encourage sellers to get organized and do some research before reaching out to expert appraisers. For example, we recommend they examine their item, to look closely for manufacturer or designer marks, note any damage or wear, and decide whether the piece is common or rare. We also encourage sellers to try to authenticate the piece – maybe it’s been in their family for generations, so likely real, and note whether it may have been repaired or restored.

Once they have a reasonably good understanding of the piece, we ask that they take some hi-resolution photos, from a number of angles, to help our appraisers determine the value as they are unable to physically see the piece in person.

The World Class Antiques online appraisal service is a great resource for connecting with these sellers. They simply choose which dealers to reach out to from those offering appraisals, and submit their request details along with any images or other documentation online. Everything is stored in one simple dashboard on the buyer’s side, and communications are secure.

Once the seller gets a value, it’s of course up to them to decide whether to sell or hold on to a piece. If the value is disappointing, we note that prices for collectibles and antiques can fluctuate based on demand, so they may be able to fetch a higher price when the trend comes around again, or as supply lessens and dealers have trouble replenishing.

Interested in joining our online appraisal network, or curious to know more? Visit our help section to learn how, and be sure to join in the conversation on our Facebook page!

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