The Pan American Clippers
Jim Trautman

Jim Trautman writes on antiques and collectibles for World Class Antiques, The Wayback Times, Antique Week and other publications. He has been featured on CBC tv shows on the history of sports cards, games and other collectibles. Working on a new book on the history of the early Xplanes and the test pilots that flew them.

Jim's current book - The Pan American Clippers, can be ordered today.

The Pan American Clippers - The Golden Age of Flying Boats by James Trautman and published by Boston Mills Press/Firefly. The history of Pan American with its first flight in 1927. The book traces the history of the famous large "flying boats" that symbolized luxury, adventure and romance.l Illustrated with 300 rare period photographs many published for the first time, vintage travel posters, magazine ads, and full colour company brochures. The China Clippers as the aircraft became known opened the world to travel and served as troop and cargo carriers during World War II. The aircraft carried FDR and Mrs. Roosevelt to many battle areas. Sadly, none survived for a permanent place in an air museum.

The book can be ordered from James Trautman or If requested copies will be autographed by the author. $35 plus $15 for postage.

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